The biggest dance school in Ukraine

Main Features
  • The school is the market leader
  • Strong competition
  • No previous data on phone calls

Advertising campaigns were launched in August 2018


# Problems

To increase the number of applications

# Solutions

All Stars Dance Centre had search and GDN campaigns working when they turned to our agency. During the initial audit several inaccuracies were found out: no goals in Google Analytics, broad match of keywords, only one advertisement in each group.

We created new advertising campaigns having paused the previous ones.

Conversion tracking through Google Tag Manager was set up before launching campaigns in Google Ads. Applications for a lesson or callback requests were regarded as conversions.

The main focus was put on Google Ads search campaigns, remarketing, targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We also developed a chatbot which served as an assistant to users who clicked on Facebook messenger ads.

The target audience was divided into three subcategories: moms of preschool and primary school children, teenagers, 19-30-year-olds.

Google Ads campaigns were set up by dancing styles and general queries. Being a niche leader, it was essential for the client’s ad to be shown on the highest positions only. Remarketing campaigns were aimed at the users who visited the webpages with dance styles but didn’t apply for the class.

Targeted advertising on Facebook was used to complete the enrolment to newly-formed groups and workshops. Lookalike audience targeting was extensively used (email, social media accounts interaction, submitted applications).

Google My Business listing was regularly updated, up-to-date events were added.  This source of traffic is free which let us get up to 1,5 % conversion.

The average conversion rate from paid traffic sources was c throughout the high season (autumn – spring).


Google AdWords

Google Analytics

Google AdWords GDN


Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

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  • Less than

    1.50 uancost per click in AdWords

  • More than

    950%increase in traffic to the website

  • More than

    3.50%conversion rate from paid traffic sources

  • More than

    600conversions from paid traffic sources

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