Children’s wear and home textiles online shop

Main Points
  • CPA should be less than 300 UAH
  • ROI should be more than 250%
  • The advertising account has been managed by various agencies since 2014
  • No limit in budget

Advertising campaigns were launched in November 2017


# Problems

High CPA, not perfect ROMI , there are some transactions but client asked to increase it.

# Solutions

Typical mistakes such as convoluted account structure, overlapping requests, lack of some extensions, settings mistakes were detected in the course of the initial audit.

First of all, all the technical inaccuracies were corrected and the account structure was updated. It became clearer and more logical.

Cross-regional cost – benefit analysis was done together with adjusting rates by various parameters such as region, device, time. The decisions were made on the basis of the statistics of the previous year.

The number of negative keywords was increased, cross-match negative keywords were used. Negative keywords that split the targeted traffic off were removed. Dynamic remarketing banners were redesigned. Promotional activities were launched.
Assisted conversions analysis was carried out after the launch of the updated campaigns, settings inaccuracies that had an effect on reducing sales were removed.

Major focus was put on the categories of lead products. The semantic core was expanded and the budget was increased for the most effective campaigns. After the campaigns analysis the funds were reallocated to more effective ones.

Later, automated rules were used to reduce daily budget at weekends and to refund it on Mondays, automated advertisement regulation rules were also used.

Split testing allowed to determine the most effective elements such as call-to-action, headlines, texts which were used separately for each group.

Various conversion strategies were tested, Maximize conversions bidding and manual CPC bidding proved to be the best in terms of the cost.

As the result, we have regular more than 400% ROI and 216 UAH average Customer Acquisition Cost.


Google AdWords search

Google AdWords Remarketing

Google Analytics

Google Merchant Center



Facebook ads

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  • More than

    25%Increase in ROI

  • More than

    61%Increase in average click income

  • More than

    27%Increase in transaction rate

  • More than

    24%Increase in average order income

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