Altai Republic
Main Features:
  • Seasonality is peculiar to the project
  • Accommodation fee is well above the average
  • The project was carried out in cooperation with

Advertising campaigns were launched in October 2015


# Problems

- To acquire customers
- To increase eco-resort occupancy
- To increase income

# Solutions

Google Analytics + and CoMagic were used as analytics systems.

Initially, tracking leads from the website was set. Target calls information, received from the customer, was sketchy and inaccurate. Therefore, it was impossible even to track the channel of the lead, to say nothing of matching it to a particular keyword or an adgroup. CallTouch, RingoStat, CoMagic and Yandex.Numbers were considered to receive calls information. CoMagic was chosen due to its relatively low service cost and capability to integrate with advertising systems and Google Analytics. Using CoMagic for advertising campaigns optimization made it possible to reduce the average CPL by 54,55 %. Advertising accounts were created from scratch (there were no access to the old ones). They were optimized to increase the number of conversions and to reduce their cost.






Google AdWords


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  • More than

    148%Increase in eco-resort occupancy

  • More than

    73%Increase in income

  • Less than

    54%Decrease in the average cost of a target conversion

Aleksandr Shestakov CEO

Ukrainian Advertising Agency started advertising campaigns of the eco-resort in October 2015. Before that, the eco-resort’s website had been neglected, contextual advertising was carried out through an automated service of a SEO company. A task to increase the eco-resort occupancy for the following autumn months was set. After that aim had been achieved, a more challenging task to sell out New Year holiday packages was set aiming at increasing occupancy during low season. First, we designed landing pages, then we came to a decision to create the whole website using landing pages. We created the semantic core in cooperation with Ukrainian Advertising Agency and the new website structure was designed on the basis of this core. None of the landing pages was chosen randomly, the rule of 100% compliance was applied every time. When we lack knowledge, Ukrainian Advertising Agency helps us out.

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