Beard Growth Oil Online Shop

Main Features
  • A new brand on the market
  • Only one item in the product range

Advertising campaigns were launched in January 2018


# Problems

To double advertising budget while the conversion cost shouldn’t be increased by more than 20%.
To attract customers, to expand distribution, to build the brand.

# Solutions

Major focus of advertising activities was put on search campaigns in Google AdWords and BingAds. Advertising campaigns were created with the aim of attracting customers to the website and decreasing conversion cost. An expanded semantic core was created, negative keywords lists were thoroughly edited, advertisements were redrafted, all available extensions were added. All the customer’s previous advertising campaigns were put on hold and the new ones were launched. Besides, Google Analytics was set to track the efficiency of the advertising campaigns.

Just during the first week after the launch, the conversion cost decreased by 5% while the conversion rate increased by 7%. The number of conversions rose by nearly 100%. Search campaigns targeting 11 key countries (such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, Israel and Ireland) were launched in Google AdWords. Video campaigns extending the reach and attracting customers were set up together with remarketing bringing the customers back to the site. Such sources as Google Merchant Center and BingAds were added later.


Remaketing AdWords

GDN AdWords

Bing search ads

Google Shopping Ads

Bing Shopping Ads

Google Analytics

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  • More than

    211,11%Increase in the number of conversions

  • More than

    61,95%Increase in the conversion rate

  • Less than

    35,28%Decrease in the conversion cost

  • More than

    92,10%Increase in traffic

  • More than

    57,83%CTR increase

Travis J. Holder CEO

First, I want to say thank you for doing a great job on our AdWords account. You guys are doing an exceptional job. Exceeded my expectations.

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