Online gadget shop

Main Features
  • plenty of goods customers don’t look for or aren’t aware of
  • high cost per click for inexpensive products
  • tough competition among best-selling products

Advertising campaigns were launched in April 2018


# Problems

to increase sales to decrease customer acquisition cost desirable ROAS more than 300%

# Solutions

First of all, we analyzed the customer’s advertising account together with the efficiency of the campaigns that had been already launched. We found a few setting faults which were corrected immediately. We also fixed and changed the banners for Google Display Network and Dynamic Remarketing Ads. 

Next, we decided to launch search advertising for best-selling products and we also added all the goods that, according to the insights, had been sold in the previously launched campaigns. At the same time, we launched campaigns for 

high profit margin products, for products with average session cost of more than 5 UAH, DSA and RLSA.

After that, we optimized previously launched campaigns, deleted product groups which had no transactions, downloaded GEO data and excluded cost-intensive cities and regions. We’d have to say that the main feature of this online gadget shop is the possibility to import pure profit data into Google Analytics via Measurement Protocol directly from the database, which means the optimization was accurate. 

Then, we set up a script to disable ads for out-of-stock items and to dynamically add prices in text ads titles. In such a way, we managed to spend less on currently unavailable products advertising and show the price to customers before they go to the website to make them realize if the item price is appropriate for them to avoid click fraud.

Two months later we achieved acceptable results. Along with that, audiences were significantly extended and separated by a various lifetime of the last interaction with the site/cart/etc for dynamic remarketing in GDN. 

Four months later the website was moved to SSL, all the settings were adjusted, Google Shopping was launched. After we’d optimized it according to products and categories, improved ad scheduling pausing campaigns during non-working hours, the account started performing well. After successful fine-tuning and excellent performance of DSL and Google Shopping campaigns we made a decision to use target ROAS bid strategy. 

Audiences, settings and bidding strategies were constantly tested in the account.


Google DSA


Google Shopping

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  • More than

    535%increase in traffic

  • More than

    154%increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate

  • More than

    101%increase in ROA

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