Concert hall

Kharkiv, Ukraine
Main features
  • A brand new concert hall;
  • Inconvenient location;
  • A lot of concerts scheduled;
  • Expensive tickets;

Advertising campaigns were launched October 2018


# Problems

To attract visitors to a new concert hall by means of social networking sites

# Solutions

When a new concert hall was opened, its management decided to outsource social media marketing. The campaigns were launched in early October, three weeks before the official opening. Targeted advertising was used to promote the opening of the concert hall and the scheduled concerts.

We put a major focus on Instagram and created a content plan aiming at:

  • becoming familiar to users
  • attracting new followers
  • getting maximum engagement for the upcoming events

We published 5-8 posts on Instagram and Facebook together with 7-10 stories on both social networking sites. We also created Facebook events which informed users about the upcoming concerts.

Along with posting and targeted advertising, we chose about 20 local influencers with good engagement rates who could come to the new concert hall and make reviews on their accounts. While choosing the influencers we also took into consideration the number of followers, their geography and age, the possibility of barter collaboration.

After the official opening and first events, we set the aim to retain the followers.  The content with celebrities and photos from the concerts were used to retain, engage and attract a new audience. Another task of such content was to attenuate the concert posters because the audience loses the interest very quickly if there are only posters on the feed.

Photo from events:

Celebrities photo engaged the audience into communication and attracted visitors into the concert hall itself, because people want to be close to their idols:


Tickets giveaways were done in November. The audience reacted positively to it, especially taking into account the fact that some tickets were really expensive.

We also used Instagram stories question stickers to engage the followers:

At the beginning of December, when the management of Victory Concert Hall stopped outsourcing social media marketing, their Instagram account had 3990 followers who were attracted from scratch within less than 2 months.



Local influencers

Facebook ads

Google Tag Manager

YouTube ads

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  • More than

    3990Instagram followers growth

  • More than

    25Bloggers in work

  • More than

    12,09%Avg. daily ER

  • More than

    2,67%Avg. account ER

  • More than

    300000 чел.Reach

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