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Providing an integrated approach, we can have a holistic view of a task.
Therefore, we don’t take discrete measures.
Alternatively, we introduce system-wide changes which will produce long-term results for your project.
We are aware that clients differ and so do their aims.
Our clients
Katerina Kulinich
marketer of KINOLAND cinema network
The KINOLAND network has been working with the UAATEAM company for more than 1.5 years in SMM. In addition to the quantitative performance indicators, a positive feature of the team is initiative and the desire to do a little more from the initially agreed conditions, which pleasantly surprises, disposes of and forms the desire to cooperate further.
Evgenia Shuvalova
Great service! We have been working for several years, everyone is very happy! Recommended!
Travis J. Holder
First, I want to say thank you for doing a great job on our AdWords account. You guys are doing an exceptional job. Exceeded my expectations.
Aleksandr Shestakov
Ukrainian Advertising Agency started advertising campaigns of the eco-resort in October 2015. Before that, the eco-resort’s website had been neglected, contextual advertising was carried out through an automated service of a SEO company. A task to increase the eco-resort occupancy for the following autumn months was set. After that aim had been achieved, a more challenging task to sell out New Year holiday packages was set aiming at increasing occupancy during low season. First, we designed landing pages, then we came to a decision to create the whole website using landing pages. We created the semantic core in cooperation with Ukrainian Advertising Agency and the new website structure was designed on the basis of this core. None of the landing pages was chosen randomly, the rule of 100% compliance was applied every time. When we lack knowledge, Ukrainian Advertising Agency helps us out.
Oksana Veremey
Hotspot Owner/Co-Founder
To begin with, Ukrainian Advertising Agency is a team of professionals who not only do their job well but also can properly communicate with their customers, thereby maximizing efficiency. This is a case where you can safely work together and fully trust their solutions and strategy because they really produce results. Significantly, UAA specialists analyze thoroughly data and efficiency.

They always try to offer new more effective solutions (they make audience analysis, select carefully targeting options, minimize the cost). UAA specialists are serious about their personal competence. They develop professionally and we, in turn, develop with them. This is great that our own goal becomes our common goal.

Maks Burtsev
Baggage Advertising and Design School Owner
Being an extremely demanding and perfectionistic company, we are always meticulous about choosing contractors. Quality of service, humane attitude, expertise, open mindedness, ability of problem solving and giving more than we have ordered are just a few criteria to be fulfilled by a partner we are ready to make a contract with.

After getting acquainted with UAA, it became clear that we would make a good team. And so it happened. We have entrusted our three companies Arriba!, Baggage and Hotspot to Maks Zakhozhiy and his team for about a year. It is safe to say that this is the most successful partnership ever.

Анжелика Рудницкая
Бренд-менеджер ресторана Fish House
Профессиональные ребята. Каждый проект ведут как свой, переживают за эффективность и результат, а не просто тратят твой бюджет, как большинство. Оперативно реагируют, РК всегда в динамике. Очень приятно сотрудничать))
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