SMM strategy development

SMM strategy is a clear plan for promoting your brand on social networks. Only having a clear idea of ​​which audience to display the content, which format of the content to use, which activations are suitable and which are not, what time it is worth posting and, finally, which social networks to use, you can include SMM in the marketing plan and spend the budget on this direction.

UAATEAM company provides this service as a tool aimed at solving the following problems:

  • 1. Studying the audience. Knowing all the pains and aspirations of people who are ready to become your potential customers is the lion's share of success.
  • 2. Development of all channels of presence. This allows you to create the right impression of the brand, demonstrate the company's interest in active development and focus on usefulness.
  • 3. Affect competitors. Without solving this issue, it is impossible to take a favorable position in a niche.
  • low-cost contextual advertising will help to complement and improve the results of the actions taken, create solid ground for strengthening positions.

What does the development of smm strategy include?

The company's specialists are guided by the steps described below:
  • 1. The development and implementation of the smm strategy is due to established goals. This foundation allows you to determine the motion vector of the entire campaign. If the client cannot decide, then experts offer several options from which the optimal one is chosen.
  • 2. CA analysis. This capacious process involves creating a group of portraits of people most interested in the proposed product or service. You can order a web analytics resource to know exactly the pains, tastes and requirements of your target audience.
  • 3. Competitor analysis. At this step, the position of the company in a certain niche, the strengths, weaknesses of opponents are determined, and on their basis the optimal strategy for promoting smm is developed.
  • 4. Content creation. This item is based on the requirements of the social network of interest. UAATEAM suggests using an integrated approach and involving several channels at once to work with the audience.

The service of developing an SMM strategy includes:

  • Studying your target audience, identifying its needs;

  • Development of the brand communication format in the social network;

  • Content plan and content development;

  • Development of the appearance of posts and templates for content;

  • Registration of an account in the selected social network;

  • Transfer of the finished strategy to the client;

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